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About Us

About Boostfinity Marketing Guides

Welcome to Boostfinity Marketing Guides™ where we empower small business marketers to achieve greatness in marketing. We are committed to leveling the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses that are disadvantaged against larger businesses with larger budgets and more staff. Now, small business marketers can compete with larger companies with the help of easy-to-follow courses focused on different marketing areas specifically designed for them.

Created to Solve the Most Common Problems

We created Boostfinity Marketing Guides to assist businesses owners maximize their time and money. It’s that simple! We tailored a solution that addresses these limited resources in the form of a comprehensive virtual learning program. This customized marketing education program empowers business owners and their team to boost their business through proven marketing strategies and tactics at their own pace and with little expense that unlocks infinite possibilities.

We truly want to empower business owners with their marketing efforts to avoid the common pitfalls we witness. Our individual experiences with independent retail shops, restaurants, and even friends who own businesses and our collective experiences reveal most small and medium-sized businesses need professional marketing help and some don’t even recognize they need it. The top symptoms of poor marketing we’ve seen include:

  • Not recognizing how marketing can help grow the business
  • Not creating a marketing strategy, or executing the strategy poorly
  • Not knowing how to evaluate the effectiveness of employees tasked with marketing or contracted marketing consultants
  • Not knowing what kinds of returns to expect from marketing dollars spent
  • Doing marketing activities themselves and being overwhelmed with the amount of information on the internet or scraps of information from friends and colleagues
  • Starting a marketing effort only to abandon it thereby foregoing the benefits of consistent marketing

Designed…and dedicated to your success

Not only did we design Boostfinity Marketing Guides for your success but we The Marketing Guides are also dedicated to your success. After each lesson there is a quiz to check your understanding of the topics covered. The coursework sets the foundation for smart marketing and our additional services help you stay current as well as ask advice from us personally.

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We have weekly updates in The Edge, and offer a monthly live webinar Live with the Guides where we answer specific questions from our Boostfinity Marketing Guides family in lively discussions. As your marketing partner and ally, you have a number of tools at your fingertips to help you succeed in gaining more customers for your business and advancing your success.

Experience you can trust

Your Boostfinity Marketing Guides, Jena Taylor and Carlie Schubert combined have 45+ years of professional experience powering Boostfinity Marketing Guides. Our background in start-up companies, small business, medium-sized business, and enterprise-level organizations including marketing for Fortune 500 companies, provides a wide array of tools and expertise. about-carlieEvery aspect of our work draws from this experience along with our powers of observation, education, training, continuing education, and creativity. We are more than marketing experts selling a service; we aim to be your ally and your strategic partner guiding you to achieve your best results.

About “The Marketing Guides”

Our passion to help others led us to create Boostfinity Marketing Guides. We understand the pain and struggles small businesses experience. Together, Carlie and Jena have 18 years of experience owning small businesses and 45+ years of professional marketing experience.

Prior to joining The Word Tailor, Carlie owned a rafting and bike touring company in Oregon with 18 employees. There were days when Carlie had to make difficult decisions based on cash flow and the impact each decision would have on his employees, current customers, and acquisition of new customers.

about-jenaJena started The Word Tailor in 2001 and operated the business from a mountain home doing business globally while her daughter started kindergarten until her freshman year of college before adding Carlie as a partner in 2015. For fourteen years and through multiple relocations, Jena did it all: sales calls, collection calls, marketing including website development, tax prep, and of course the always inconvenient technology problems that needed to be resolved which usually occurred on a deadline—plus the client work! As a sole proprietor, Jena knows what it’s like to run a business and knows how frustrating these demands can be when there’s no one else to spread the work load.

As marketing consultants and co-owners of a marketing company in Denver, CO we consistently meet businesses who want to hire us but their limited resources don’t allow. Time after time we encounter this situation. These small and medium businesses know they need our services or services like ours but they typically don’t have funds set aside for this essential element. We believe smaller businesses shouldn’t have to trade quality or go without effective marketing just because they don’t have the budgets larger companies do. That’s one of the reasons we created Boostfinity Marketing Guides. Now, there is a source smaller businesses and startup companies can turn to for reliable marketing advice and instruction to level the playing field with larger companies. Boostfinity Marketing Guides is the equivalent of hiring us, but at a fraction of the price.

Jena Taylor

20+ years of wide-ranging experience executing marketing campaigns for fast-paced B2B and B2C companies

  • Achieved 2857% ROI on a single sales letter
  • Saved a client $1MM with a single sales letter
  • Social media and email autoresponder pioneer
  • Vast experience in brand strategy & development, SEO, content strategy, blog and website architecture
  • Launched a company in 90 days including brand development and e-commerce website with full marketing plan
  • Successful in driving brand recognition, traffic, and revenue
  • Public Relations, Certificate, University of Colorado, Denver
  • BA, Communication Studies, Business Administration minor, University of Iowa

Carlie Schubert

Innovative B2C and B2B marketer from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, 20+ years

  • Owned small business (rafting company) with 18 employees in Oregon for three years, managed the sales and marketing efforts
  • Developed global integrated marketing strategies and re-branding efforts for enterprise level manufacturer (Gates)
  • Managed North American SEO and Social Media team
  • Web optimization produced 609% increase in registrations and 246% increase in targeted leads
  • Supported 20,000+ web pages for enterprise-level company
  • Designed and optimized email campaigns for Fortune 100 clients
  • BFA, Graphic Design and Industrial Design, University of Notre Dame