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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact page.

How long do you get weekly updates on The Boostfinity Edge?

The Boostfinity Edge is an annual subscription product and it is released weekly for 52 weeks.

Do I complete the courses at my own pace?

We release a lesson each week to allow time to learn and then incorporate that lesson into your business before beginning the next lesson. If you want to go back and review any previous lesson, you may do so at any time.

How much time is involved in each lesson?

Each lesson varies in length and the estimated time is listed in the lesson outline.

Why do I have to have 100% to pass a quiz and move on to the next lesson?

We are 100% committed to your learning and success. We want to make sure you understand and learn instead of memorize so you are able to transfer what you learn in the courses and apply them to your business for optimal success.

What if I have a question while I’m going through the lessons or course?

In each lesson, there’s a button labeled “Contact the Course Instructor” at the top. Simply click it and complete the required information with as much specificity as possible so the instructor is able to reply completely on the first response.

How will this help my bottom line?

After completing our courses, you will be able to drive more leads to increase your sales.

Why should I buy these courses and products?

There are two primary reasons to purchase these courses. First, learn how to market effectively in the digital age utilizing best practices and market efficiently to grow your business. Or, take the knowledge you glean so you are able to evaluate those you employ or consultants you hire to ensure they are doing an effective job on your marketing plan. Either way, you’re making a smart investment in the success of your business.