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Get Started with Boostfinity

Congratulations on your wise decision to join the Boostfinity movement, advance your marketing skills, and invest in your business success!

Review the steps below to begin your Boostfinity journey. Here’s how to get started…

1. Start at Boostfinity home page and click “My Courses” or “Login” in the upper left of the black navigation bar. Either option opens the login screen.


2. Enter your username and password you created when you made your purchase.


3. Click “Start a Course”


4. The next screen shows a list of available courses. Select the designated course by clicking the purple title.



5. Click the orange button labeled “Start Taking this Course”. You’ll notice it turns purple as you click on it or mouse over it.


6. The next screen displays your active and completed courses as well as your progress. Click on the purple course title to begin the course.


7. This screen is the course introduction. After you’ve read the introduction, click the lesson title.


8. This screen is your first official lesson. At the end of each lesson, you have the option to “Share your Progress” on social media channels. Go ahead, toot your own horn and show your friends what you’re doing to grow your business. You may also advance to the next lesson by clicking the gray title of the next lesson.

Please note: this first lesson does not have a quiz. The subsequent lessons do have a quiz button at the bottom (see next step).


9. As mentioned above, after you read a lesson you’ll see an orange “View the Lesson Quiz” button on the left as shown below. Click the button to take the quiz. You must achieve 100% on each quiz in order to advance to the next lesson. We built this feature in to truly advance your knowledge and skills. You may also return to the previous lesson by clicking the gray title on the right.


10. The system automatically keeps track of your progress and automatically saves your stopping point.