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Discover how we’re making it easier for small and medium businesses to thrive

Why Boostfinity?

In a world where there is so much information readily available, it’s often difficult to know which sources to trust and it’s overwhelming sorting through the endless articles on marketing.

Humble Beginnings

Our passion to help others led us to create Boostfinity Marketing Guides. We understand the pain and struggles small businesses experience.  As marketing consultants and owners of a marketing company in Denver, CO we consistently meet businesses who want to hire us but their (small) budgets don’t allow. Time after time we encounter this situation. Small businesses know they need our services or services like ours but they typically don’t have funds set aside for this essential element. Small businesses shouldn’t have to trade quality or go without effective marketing just because they don’t have the budgets larger companies do. That’s why we created Boostfinity Marketing Guides. Now, there is a source smaller companies and startup companies can turn to for reliable marketing advice and instruction. Boostfinity Marketing Guides is the equivalent of hiring us, but at a fraction of the price.

Together, Carlie and Jena have 18 years of experience owning small businesses. Prior to joining The Word Tailor, Carlie owned a small rafting company with 18 employees. There were days when Carlie had to make difficult decisions based on cash flow and the impact each decision would have on his employees or customers. We both understand not drawing a salary at times and paying for things with personal credit cards is sometimes the reality of small businesses cash flow.


The First Course: Social Media

The first marketing course is on social media. We selected this topic first instead of strategy, branding, SEO, and content simply because it is the platform in which all companies can utilize with little or no cost. You don’t need to have a large budget or any budget at all in order to tap into this powerful medium. Logically, we would have preferred to begin with strategy since without strategy in place, any marketing activity is like throwing darts at a moving target. The benefits of leveraging social media though far outweighed the waiting period of us delivering a product on strategy quickly. To offset this concern, we simply added an essential section on strategy in the course.

Another primary reason we opted to cover social media first is its dominance in marketing. Here are just a few facts that may sway your opinion on whether or not you think you and your business need to participate in social media:

  • Your customers and prospects check their social media accounts a staggering 17 times a day[1]
  • The average person has six social media accounts and spends 1 hour and 46 minutes browsing these networks every day[2]
  • 65% of adults now use social networking sites[3] and are surpassing young adults and teens in usage[4]

Social media is a great avenue for connecting to customers and prospects for business growth. For small businesses that know how to leverage this platform it can mean the difference between struggling and prospering—with no or very little expense. Boostfinity Marketing Guides provides everything you need to know, filtering out what you don’t need to waste your time with, and pointing you in the right direction to succeed beyond what you thought possible.

Designed for Success

We designed the virtual course for maximum learning and better success rates for completion. Online learning best practices include delivering lessons each week which not only aid in time management but also produce a higher rate of completion and are less overwhelming for the learner.

boostfinity marketing guidesAdditional benefits of the online Boostfinity Marketing Guides include:

  • Allow learning at a digestible pace, on any device, from any location, as long as there is internet service
  • Study materials at a personal speed and intensity
  • Just-in-time learning offers more opportunities to study the most current material available
  • Automatic tracking feature marks your place so you can quickly pick up where you left off
  • The quizzes following each lesson allow learners to move at their own pace and level of understanding
  • Learners are able to go back into the lesson to review material for added retention or clarity
  • With this flexible structure, business owners and managers are able to fit it into their schedules at a time that is most convenient for them and conducive to learning
  • Learners able to concentrate time and effort in areas containing new information and/or skills
  • The Guides offer best practice material and tips saving businesses both time and money

Being able to make contact with the course instructor is also beneficial and aids in the learning process. Automatic quiz results provide immediate feedback on the level of understanding and encourage review of material if needed. Engaging design and coursework, easy-to-use software, and multimedia in the coursework all foster better retention levels. After all, the goal is to “learn” so we can help more businesses thrive.

The other driving force behind Boostfinity Marketing Guides is the extremely limited time and capital resources. Unlike larger companies where subject matter experts are charged with specific marketing functions, these responsibilities often fall into the laps of owners and managers of small and medium businesses, in addition to running the business. Since these roles are already working at capacity or above, we saw a need and built a digital solution to solve the problem.

What it isbf_products640x446

Boostfinity Marketing Guides are online learning tools that assist businesses achieve greater results with their marketing efforts. Using a combination of video and written material, we cover:

  • Best practices
  • Trends
  • How-to setup social media accounts
  • How-to use social media
  • How-to maximize each social media channel
  • How-to grow your business using this no-cost, low-cost platform
  • How-to create a strategy for maximum effectiveness
  • How-to decide which channel is right for your business
  • And much more


Given our extensive experience with this market and evaluating initial market feedback, we balanced value of the content with a price most businesses can afford. The course costs less than what most small businesses spend a month on directory listings, advertising, or PPC campaigns. At just $497 for the course, you will have more:

  • Confidence in your own understanding of social media
  • Skills to start your own social media strategy and campaigns
  • Knowledge to evaluate your staff and/or hired help’s effectiveness

Now for a limited time, we are offering Boostfinity Marketing Guides at the introductory offer of $111.11. Be one of the first to take advantage of this special offer!

Expanded Assistance

The coursework is the foundation needed to build a sound marketing plan. As we were building Boostfinity Marketing Guides, we found other areas in which small and medium businesses could get additional help once the foundation was set to enhance their knowledge base and ensure ongoing success. With mountains of information available online, it is nearly impossible to stay current on all the latest news and updates unless it’s your profession. Since time is finite, we created The Edge. theEDGE350x170The Edge delivers weekly updates to course material, or latest news that matters to your marketing via email. We sort the unnecessary information from the necessary and deliver just that information to our customers. We do all the “dirty work” and send just what may be helpful to you and your businesses. This makes it easier for you to keep on top of your marketing without it consuming all of your time—so you can focus on running your business.

Sometimes learning about a subject opens more questions. An expanded knowledge inspires ideas and ideas may lead to more questions. We encourage business owners to expand their knowledge and comfort zones to achieve greater results. liveguideslogo350x350Sometimes the exploration process requires true marketing expertise which is why we offer “Live with the Guides”, a monthly Q&A session. Not only do we provide the formal instruction, we also provide personal service too. Once a month, customers can submit their specific question on a marketing topic and during the “Live with the Guides” session we will address it directly. This benefits both the customer posing the question and all the participants on the webinar. Sometimes supplying the additional information just isn’t enough and it’s comforting to know there is someone “out there” to lean on for marketing advice—and comfort knowing that you’re not alone. That’s the double meaning of Boostfinity Marketing Guides.

We truly value relationships and want to help as many small and medium-sized businesses thrive in this exciting time, where everything is always changing.






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